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University of Wisconsin

Pedigree compilations

--Ed Coe, Fritz Behr and Jim Coors

We are making an effort to compile parentage data on inbred lines and other breeding germplasm in a form suitable for computer searching and analysis, and have been entering simple database information from two main sources into computer files. At this time Behr and Coors have compiled pedigrees and citations from the North Central Technical Committee reports (NCR2) 1935 to 1961, and Coe has input pedigrees from the Maize Research and Breeders Manuals VIII (1976) and IX (1980) that Clarion Henderson, of Illinois Foundation Seeds, has compiled previously. These combined sources include the great majority of public-germplasm lines with North Central adaptations, and contain overlaps. We are currently checking for typographical accuracy and for consistent information among the sources. The specific format still needs to be developed and to be made consistent. Our intention is that these files should be checked and authenticated as thoroughly as possible, after which they can be merged and made available for general use when they are sufficiently refined. Among authentications we most wish to have are confirmations by persons who have experience with the materials or special knowledge, in addition to written release statements that are still to be assembled.

We would be pleased to have the help and advice of cooperators who might offer to work over an electronic copy or hard copy of part or all of these files, on the understanding that they are in quite preliminary form and that explicit feedback is expected. If you have special knowledge, interests, or experience that would help, please contact us.

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