Krasnodar Research Institute of Agriculture

Effect of genotypes on seed set frequency in maize-Tripsacum crosses

--E. P. Erygina and A. S. Mashnenkov

Maize ears with the silks shortened in advance were pollinated in 1988 with a mixture of Tripsacum dactyloides (2n=72) and Zea mays pollen in a ratio of 10:1 according to Mangelsdorf and Reeves. In four lines seed set of hybrid kernels varied from 10.3% to 39.8% of the total number of ovaries in the zone of kernel development (Table).

PLS61 produced a relatively high percent of hybrid kernels characterized with well-developed endosperms. In two lines hybrid kernels did not develop. This fact cannot be attributed to some occasional reasons or insufficient value of sampling size. In three years 108 ears of T22 inbred were pollinated. However, all attempts to obtain viable hybrid kernels in this inbred were not successful.

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