Systems relationships - Mrh and Mut

--Peter A. Peterson

In view of the relatedness (molecularly) of the terminal inverted repeats of ever increasing numbers of maize elements (CACTA sequences, etc.), it is significant to have firm data on tests of activation (mutability) of genes with known receptors. The Mut (Rhoades and Dempsey, MNL, 1982) element was tested against the a-mrh element at the a locus. The cross was the following:

a-mrh bz-mut Mut X Colored F1 A/a-mrh Bz/bz-mut Mut/+

This F1 was crossed by a-mrh bz.

None of the colorless kernels were spotted (6/6 crosses) but bz spotted kernels were segregating on these same ears. This confirms that a-mrh was not responding to the presence of Mut.

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