bz-877803 - a correction, not En but likely Cy

--Peter A. Peterson

The bz spotted (bz-m/C sh bz wx, A/a sh2) reported in MNL 62:3 were used in crosses with bz-rcy; in the progeny, 1/2 the kernels were spotted indicating that one Cy is present. When crossed by bz/bz, 1/4 are spotted. When tested with an En tester, no spotted kernels were uncovered. This would indicate that bz-m877803 is not En controlled but likely Cy controlled.

Basis for Cy control: When co-segregation is examined for bz-m mutability and a2-rcy mutability, 3 out of 3 were co-segregating.

Basis for independent control: When bz spotted from the cross bz-m/bz x bz/bz are again testcrossed by bz/bz, the segregating progeny as shown in the table are indicative of independent control of mutability.
2nd testcross bz spotted non-spotted % spotted
88 2653-1 x 2701 67 218 23
2653-2 x 2701 122 324 27
2653-6 x 2701 77 242 24
2654-1 x 2703 93 275 25

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