4L mapping and Mo17

--D. M. Steffensen

Using dp1 and gl3 in coupling, selections of recombinants were made of crossovers with chromosome 4 of Mo17:
                                        (1)     gl3     (2)     dp1     (3)


¨delay factor________Æ            +                     +

All putative crossover types in this backcross were selfed to obtain marker genes coupled to the Mo17 strand of chromosome 4 as indicated above in regions 1, 2 and 3. The reason for doing these isolations is threefold: 1) To locate the Mo17 "delay factor" involved in hybrid vigor in the F1. 2) Since chromosome 4 of Mo17 is knobless and most cornbelt strains have a knob on 4L, to map the 4L knob genetically. 3) Locate zein loci on the map using Mo17 null genotype and the existing information from Curtis Wilson and others. We will use Oh43 or Oh45 in further recombinant crosses because it has several zein genes and a 4L knob.

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