c2-m857213 - System relation

--Peter A. Peterson

This c2 mutable allele is phenotypically uniquely different than other c2-m alleles in our collection in that the mutability spots are on a palish background. In tests of system relationship, the results are confounded by the presence of many Cy elements that are triggering the reporter allele, bz-rcy. However there is a non-correlation of c2-m spotting and bz spotting. In crosses containing a very late c2-m spotting (7aa,-Reddy and Peterson MGG, 1984), c2-m/c2, Bz/(bz/Bz) x c2, backcrossed on bz-rcy, the resulting progeny ears could be classified in the following way.
  bz bz no bz bz no
Set 1 7 3 2 0
Set 2 6 5    

The presence of c2-m spotting accompanied by bz no spotting would indicate a non-relation of c2-m and Cy; however, this c2-m allele mutability is quite ephemeral (note, though 7aa type was planted, there were two plants with no spotting for the c2 allele).

With numerous tests with the En-reporter allele, no En could be detected.

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