P-VV alleles

--Peter A. Peterson

P-VVAc1162 (Zemun). This unstable pericarp allele was found among some Yugoslavian accessions. The phenotype of this allele is a P to p expression with large colorless sectors. Current evidence would eliminate En and it is not likely to be Ac (though not absolutely confirmed).

P-VVAc1163 (Zemun). This also arose among Yugoslavian accessions. Here, the sectors are not as large as P-VVAc1162. This allele does not show any relation to Ac, En, or Uq. That is, in plants where this allele is sectoring, the C-I Ds, the c-m(r) and the c-ruq allele do not show sectors or spots.

P-VV878401. This allele arose as an ear sector on a plant that was P/p A/a-mpapu. The sectoring is very low and unlike the two Zemun alleles. All progenies carry a number of En but confirmatory crosses have not been completed.

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