Df C-I Sh-846571

--Peter A. Peterson

This deficiency arose as a full colored shrunken kernel from the cross C-I Sh Bz Wx x C sh bz wx. In confirmatory crosses full-colored-shrunken and bronze-shrunken ear progeny appeared. In the reciprocal crosses, where the plant from the colored shrunken seed was used as a male on a C sh bz wx plant that was used as the female, only bronze-shrunken seed appeared among the progeny. This change to a double mutant from C-I Sh to C sh and its nontransmissibility as a male indicates a deficiency of this segment of the chromosome.

The transmission is also affected from the female side of the cross. In the cross Df Bz Wx/C sh bz wx x C sh bz wx, the progeny included:
  Bz sh bz sh T Bz
  72 149 221 32%

This shows an impaired transmission of this chromosome even as a female. Though the tests are not extensive, all the sh Bz plants show this behavior. An extensive testing of sh Bz plants would uncover a possible crossover. Thus far, none has been found; all the sh Bz plants show this behavior.

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