C-I836978 - a weak C-I allele

--Peter A. Peterson

This allele arose in a cross of C-I/C-I-K55 x C sh bz wx. Initially, it appeared C-mottled. In reciprocal crosses a difference is seen: 87g 293-1/326-1 C-Iweak/C-Iweak x c2-m2/c2-m2 C/C gave all full-colored, while 87g 293-2 selfed C-Iweak/C sh bz gave a range: colorless, weak suppression. Crossed on C/C, all are full color - i.e , there is no suppression of color. The c2-m2 line has a C allele that cannot be suppressed by this weakened C-I. Possibly, a C-super is included here. When used as a male, plant-2 is ineffective in suppression.

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