The Uq at mn-866248U is not a standard Uq element

--Yong-Bao Pan and Peter A. Peterson

Our genetic tests have indicated that the activated Uq element at the mn-866248U mutant locus (MNL 61:6; 62:5-6) is not the standard type of Uq. This conclusion is derived from the following observations: 1) The mn Uq, whether in the original mutant or in an a sh2/a sh2 construct, is capable of transactivating the standard a-ruq reporter allele resulting in a miniature spotted phenotype which distinctly differs from the spotting type produced by the standard Uq/a-ruq interaction (data not shown); 2) it does not transactivate a Uq-responsive c-ruq reporter allele (data not shown). This is in contrast to most standard tests with Uq elements, where a-ruq and c-ruq always show corresponding responses.

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