The "a-m(r) effect" on wx-844 mutability

--Kim Hagemann and Peter A. Peterson

The a1-m(r)102 allele reduces the excision of En-1. The wx-844 allele containing En-1 is known to exhibit a coarse wx mutability pattern in genotypes not carrying the a1-m(r)102 allele. When genotypes carry wx-844 and a1-m(r)102 a distinctly distinguishable wx mutability pattern a-m(r) effect and a heavy kernel spotting pattern occur (Cuypers et al., EMBO J. 7:2953, 1988). Kernels having lower spotting patterns than normal in the presence of a1-m(r)102 were isolated from the following cross: a1-m(r)102 wx-844 x a1-m15719A Wx. These kernels were then crossed onto homozygous a1-o wx. These exceptions yielded phenotypes that are designated in the table below. These mutants of a1-m(r)102 will be useful in identifying the sequences of a1-m(r)102 which alter and contribute to the suppression of En-1 excision, i.e. a coarse to fine pattern of wx-mutability.

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