Allometric genetics: in a factorial with results expressed in logarithms the linear effects are the coefficients in the allometry expression --Luiz Torres de Miranda and Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda Since MNL 55:18-19 we have tried by allometrical genetics to develop algorithms more biologically minded. To begin to achieve this it is necessary to transform the original data in logarithms, but generally after this there is no change of procedure. This report deals with how the data could be analysed and interpreted. The solution of a factorial is achieved as:

Equation Part 1

Equation Part 2

Taking the calculated values a and b in the factorial, we calculate 2(1-a-b) as the allometric origin A of the design, and F=A+ax+by is the antilogarithmic solution of the table where 2a+2b is for a, 2a for b, 2b for c and A is d, having no coefficient beyond 1 itself. This works at least with data expressed up to 100%.

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