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c2-m85-2 gives rise to lethal derivatives --Peter A. Peterson This mutable gives a very early pattern variegation. Though it contains a Cy element, the relationship to Cy has not been demonstrated. In crosses of the heterozygote C2/c2 x c2/c2 a relatively high frequency of colorless kernels arises, which would support independent control, but the segregating pattern does not support this. A unique feature of this allele is the colorless kernels arising from a self. In the self of C2/c2-m, the colorless kernels when planted are unable to proceed beyond the seedling stages: pale green seedlings appear which soon die. It appears that the mutation to colorless gives rise to a deficient form of the c2 allele which when homozygous, lacks a necessary function that leads to death of the seedling. Possibly, this is an essential component of the c2 locus or an adjacent region that leads to lethality following excision (loss of mutability).

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