Listing of reciprocal translocation stocks being maintained by individual cooperators --William F. Sheridan One of the advantages of maize for biological research is the availability of a large number of reciprocal translo-cations. The collection originally compiled and characterized by Longley and Anderson contained about 1000 translocation stocks. About 85% of these are available from the Stock Center (see MNL 55:140, 1981). Some potentially useful translocations of the original collection that are not in the Stock Center collection may be in the genetic stock collections of individual cooperators. This note is a request that interested cooperators send me a listing of the reciprocal translocation stocks they are maintaining. I will compile a combined listing of these stocks and distribute the list to the contributors. In this way we may locate some translocations not available from the Stock Center and also provide a list of backup sources for the Stock Center collection. Send your list to me at Box 8238 University Station, Grand Forks, ND 58202.

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