ß-glu1 expression during kernel development --Carla Frova In last year's MNL I reported on the expression of several enzymatic activities in different tissues of developing maize kernels, from 7 to 20 days after pollination (DAP). ß-GLU1 activity was detected in whole kernels and isolated scutella up to 14 DAP. Those results were obtained from the analysis of two inbred lines.

In order to identify the maternal and/or paternal origin of the ß-GLU activity, I have analyzed developing kernels (from 3 DAP to maturity) of several reciprocal F1s between inbred lines, characterized by the fast and slow variant of the enzyme. Had both paternally and maternally inherited genes been expressed, I would have expected to find the typical 3 band pattern, i.e. two homodimers and the corresponding heterodimer. In each case only the maternally determined isozyme was found instead, and the activity was strongest in the very early stages of development (3-7 DAP) and progressively declined thereafter. 3 weeks after pollination (21 DAP) and later, no ß-GLU activity was present either in whole kernels or in isolated tissues (scutellum, endosperm, aleurone and pericarp). These preliminary data suggest that ß-GLU activity in the developing kernel is not due to post zygotic expression of the Glu1 genes, but rather inherited from the female parent.

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