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Probes for the b-32 protein hybridize to loci on 7L and 8L --Hank W. Bass, Paul H. Sisco, David L. Murray, and Rebecca S. Boston The b-32 protein of maize endosperm is encoded by a small family of genes (Hartings et al., MNL 63:29, 1989). Expression of the b-32 genes has been reported to be affected by the zein regulatory mutations opaque-2 and opaque-6 (= pro1) (Di Fonzo et al., Mol. Gen. Genet. 212:481, 1988). We have used both cDNA and genomic clones encoding b-32 to probe genomic Southern blots of Ben Burr's recombinant inbred lines. Two loci hybridize to our b-32 probes, one on 8L between BNLACT1 and BNL2.369 , and the other on 7L between BNL8.32 and BNL7.61. The cDNA probe, which corresponds to the major b-32 protein in kernels, shares greater identity with the locus on 8L than with the locus on 7L.

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