Rf4 from A619 maps distal to BNL13.05 on 8-S --Paul H. Sisco Rf4from the inbred A619 was shown to be a single dominant gene for restoration of cms-C by Kheyr-Pour et al. (Genetics 98:379-88, 1981) and was tentatively mapped to Chromosome 8 by A. Johnson using wx reciprocal translocation stocks (MNL 58:101-102, 1984). Using DNA extracted from backcross progeny from crosses using as male A619 (Rf4/Rf4) and as females cms-C conversions of W182BN, Oh51A, and NYD410 (rf4/rf4), we have found linkage between Rf4and two RFLP loci, BNL13.05and BNL9.11(Chi-Square = 47.8).

Rf4 - 13.5 cM - BNL13.05 - 11.7cM - BNL9.11

                (± 3.6)                             (± 5.6)

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