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Isolation and mapping of a cDNA probe for the b-70 protein --Brian B. Shank, Hank W. Bass, Paul H. Sisco, Eleanora Wurtzel, and Rebecca S. Boston An increase in the accumulation rate of the b-70 protein of maize endosperm has been correlated with the zein regulatory mutation floury-2 (Galante et al., Mol. Gen. Genet. 192:316-21, 1983). A cDNA clone encoding b-70 was isolated from a lambda gt11 cDNA library of endosperm mRNA (14DAP). This expression library yielded one clone encoding a protein that cross-reacted with b-70 antiserum and corresponded to an mRNA that increased in the fl2 mutant.

We used this cDNA clone to probe genomic Southern blots from Ben Burr's recombinant inbred lines (Burr et al., Genetics 118:519-26, 1988). At low stringencies (Tm-35 C) several bands cross-hybridized with the probe, suggesting that the gene was a member of a multigene family. At higher stringencies (Tm-20 C) the probe mapped to a single locus near BNL1.380 on Chromosome 5.

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