Glossies --G. F. Sprague Tests have been completed on gl*-PI262490 and it is not allelic to any of the standard glossies. It has, tentatively, been assigned the symbol gl23.

gl14 has been located to chromosome 2 on the basis of linkage with wt. In an attempt to establish linear sequence, crosses were made to v4. Unexpectedly, the F2 of this cross segregated 15+:1gl. This suggests that what has been designated gl14 is really a double recessive, gl14 gl14, gl24 gl24. If this is true gl24 is commonly present in recessive form, as in all previous crosses gl14 has behaved as a single locus recessive. Apparently wt is not expressed in v4 seedlings as no wt v4 plants were observed in a population of over 400 seedlings.

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