c2-m884259Y- a mutable allele under two-factor control --Michael G. Muszynski and Peter A. Peterson The c2-m884259Yallele originated as an exception from c2-m826040 (MNL 57:2). The mutability of this new allele seems to be under control of an independent factor. Without the factor the allele is pale; with the factor, the allele shows a pale coloration with spots or colorless with spots (2-5 a-c). Selfed ears originating from c2-m/c2 kernels segregate 3/8 pale:3/8 spotted:2/8 colorless. When spotted kernels from the selfed ear are used as a male on c2/c2 testers, the progeny ears segregate 1 pale:1 colorless or all pale without any spots. These data indicate that the factor controlling mutability is not male transmissible and may be linked to a gametophyte factor or a pollen lethal gene. Tests of this hypothesis and of system relations are underway.

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