Jiangsu Agricultural College

Character and inheritance of a new Y-type cytoplasmic male-sterile line --Tai-chen Qin and De-xiang Dun It is a useful approach to create new types of male-sterile lines by means of combining sterile cytoplasms of restorer lines with maintainer nuclear backgrounds. In this way, we have bred YII types of male-sterile lines. Research on their resistant reactions against HmT, fertility restoration patterns, hereditary traits, light microscopy, electron microscopic ultrastructure and biochemical character has been conducted rather systematically for several years. According to the results, the Y-type sterile line was roughly considered as a new one in maize and different from C, T and S groups. However, a further testing is needed before it can be accurately assigned to a group. The Y-type sterile line has shown some favorable characters, such as the stable inheritance of pollen abortion, readily being applied in hybrid production, possessing many restorer lines in multitudinous inbred lines and strong resistance against HmT and so on. It is regarded as a valuable germplasm source and has important application value in seed production.

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