Cytoplasmic male-sterility: identification of the number of the restorer genes --Tai-chen Qin, Miang-liang Xu and De-xiang Dun The number of restorer genes in two male-sterile cytoplasms, C-group and Y-type, were identified on the basis of differing restoration responses in F1 hybrids, as well as self and backcross progenies of 14 tester lines in C Huangze 4 and Y Mo17. The results indicated that three restorer gene loci are involved in the restoration of C-group and Y-type. Among them two gene loci, Rf4 and Rf5, which showed full restoring capacity, are required both in C-group and Y-type for fertility restoration, and act in a duplicate dominant fashion. The third one, however, is not the same between C-group and Y-type (Rf6 in C-group and Rf7 in Y-type). Either Rf6 or Rf7 can partially restore pollen fertility and this is further modified by environment. Finally, the Rf7 gene probably inhibits the expression of fertility restoration of the Rf5 gene.

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