C-I-b836024- a chromosomal breaker linked to C-I --Michael G. Muszynski and Peter A. Peterson
A highly variegated kernel (2-6 a-d) was isolated from a C-I isolation plot (C-I/C-I x C/C) containing En (MNL 58:2). Crosses to various testers (Line C - a full color line, a1-o wx, c2, C sh bz wx, r-g and others) always showed the same segregation of 1 colored:1 variegated. This variegated phenotype is linked to sh1 and is likely autonomously controlled. Because of its dominant inheritance and linkage, this mutant was designated as an unstable C-I allele. The variegated phenotype of this mutant is most likely colorless to colored, but variable in timing. Within the larger colored sectors (loss of C-I) of C-I-b sh Bz Wx/C sh bz wx kernels, bz sectors can be identified and subtending these bz sectors are smaller wx sectors. The phenotypic pattern suggests that C-I is being lost via a chromosomal breakage event and the BBF cycle is causing further loss of more proximal markers. Therefore this mutant has been designated C-I-b for C-I breaker. Mapping of the breaker and systems tests are currently underway.

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