Three-point linkage data for pr-Dap-v2 and pr-v12-Dap on 5L --Philip S. Stinard and Donald S. Robertson We report the results of three-point linkage tests for pr-Dap-v2 (Table 1) and pr-v12-Dap (Table 2). The linkage tests were set up as modified backcrosses as indicated in Tables 1 and 2. Kernels from the backcross ears were planted in the field, the resulting plants selfed, and the selfed ears scored for pr and Dappled (Dap = dominant aleurone mosaic, dap = wild type solid aleurone color). Approximately 50 kernels from each selfed ear were grown to seedling stage in a cold sandbench (18 C) and the seedlings scored for v2 and v12. The following linkage relationships were established: pr-28.7-Dap-14.7-v2 and pr-5.6-v12-24.2-Dap. These data are consistent with the known linkage relationships between pr, v12, and v2, and would place Dappled approximately 29 cM distal to pr on the linkage map of chromosome 5, very close to Got2. The data also suggest the placement of v2 43 cM distal to pr, which would move v2 to a new map position of 110 from its previous position of 107. The suggested map revision is:



67                                         96                    110


Table 1. Three-point linkage data for pr-Dap--v2.

Table 2. Three-point linkage data for pr-v12-Dap.

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