New dull and sugary-2 mutants from Mutator populations --Philip S. Stinard We are continuing to characterize new kernel mutants with sugary-translucent phenotype arising from our Mutator selfing blocks and other Mu sources. Over forty independent mutants are in the process of allele testing and mapping. Alleles of ae, du, su2, and et have been identified. The alleles of ae have been described in previous reports (MNL 62:14; MNL 63:8-9). The et alleles are described elsewhere in this News Letter. This report summarizes the du and su2 alleles which we have identified (Table 1). The mutants du-Mu1 and du-Mu3 share a common progenitor Mu2 plant (86-8319-4), yet they arose independently in two different generations of outcrossing, suggesting, perhaps, a "hot spot" of Mutator activity on one of the homologues of chromosome 10 originating from the Mu2 parent.

Table 1. New du and su2 mutants from Mutator populations.

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