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Allometric genetics: mapping of gametophyte gene Ga10 --Luiz Torres de Miranda and Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda
In MNL 49:71-73, J. Gonella and P. A. Peterson reported linkages of A2, Bt and Ga10 but did not calculate the recombination values of Ga10 with the other marker genes. Since there are data between A2 and Bt with and without the presence of Ga10 it occurred to us that it is possible to calculate linkages with Ga10.

The values of A2 Bt linkage can be calculated using the formula in MNL 61:32 and calculating the as and bs from their Table 1, 46.41+a+b = 79.7 etc. to 2.81-a-b = 0.4 from a to d taken from data with and without the presence of the gametophyte factor. This gives a value of p = 0.048 near the 0.061 reported for data without Ga10.

We propose the model by least squares.

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