Placement of hm1 on the Pioneer RFLP map --Guri Johal and Steven P. Briggs The Pioneer probes PIO200644 and PIO200044 were hybridized to Southern blots of progeny from the cross K61/Pr1 x K61 where K61 is homozygous hm1 hm2 and Pr1 is homozygous Hm1 hm2. The enzymes HindIII and SacI detected useful polymorphisms. Each plant was inoculated with Cochliobolus (Helminthosporium) carbonum race 1, isolate SB111 and scored for susceptibility. Out of 60 progeny, 6 resulted from single recombination events; there were no double crossovers. Three crossovers occurred distal to hm1 while the other 3 were proximal. Mapping in larger populations from other crosses indicates that PIO200644 is 9.4 cM proximal to PIO200044 (David Grant, personal communication). Our results indicate that hm1 is 5 cM distal to PIO200644 and 5 cM proximal to PIO200044.

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