"Preferred Set" of RFLP probes --Jack Gardiner, Dave Hoisington, Ed Coe, Shiaoman Chao and Susan Melia-Hancock A set of 120 public-domain probes has been selected, based upon clarity of definition of bands, demonstrated polymorphism, and spacing on the linkage map. This Preferred Set will provide a baseline series of probes that should aid and simplify characterization and mapping, and is the series we intend to use in a core map (Hoisington and Coe, Stadler Genetics Symposium, in press) against which defined-function probes, physical points, and other traits are placed. The refined verification and standardization of this set is now largely completed; probe distribution has been slowed while this process was carried through.

As part of the characterization and standardization of the probe set, we have generated a new F2 of Tx303 x CO159 and will map the Preferred Set with this F2. The F2 plants were selfed, and F3 pooled populations will be produced to derive an immortal F2.

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