Location and description of dominant dwarf mutants --M. G. Neuffer D*-1452: Dwarf; EMS induced; located on 1L, 4±2.3cM from wx T1-9(8389) breakpoint; linked to D*-2023, 13±3cM. Broad, dark green leaves. Medium size, andromonoecious type like D8. No GA response.

D*-1591: Semi-dwarf; EMS induced; located on 1L, 3.8±2.2cM from wx T1-9(8389) breakpoint; short plant 1/3 to 1/2 normal height. Leaves slightly darker and broader than normal. Occasional anthers in ear.

D*-1991: Semi-dwarf; NG induced; located on chromosome 3, 10±4cM from wx T3-9c breakpoint; short plant 1/2 to 3/4 normal height, leaves lighter green than normal and normal width. Not andromonoecious.

D*-2023: Dwarf; spontaneous origin (D. Hoisington); located on chromosome 1L, 5±2.4cM from wx T1-9(8389) breakpoint. Linked to D*-1452, 13±3cM. Very short andromonoecious dwarf type; no GA response; frequent tillers (could be due to linked factor for tillering).

D*-2319: Semi-dwarf; EMS induced; located on chromosome 5, 23±5cM from wx T5-9c breakpoint. Short plant with broad, dark green leaves, 1/2 normal height; not andromonoecious and no GA response.

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