Location, description and notes on other dominant mutants --M. G. Neuffer Wi*-1614: Wilted; EMS induced. Like Wi2 but backcross of double heterozygote to normal gave 3/4 mutant progeny thus indicating no allelism and probably no linkage. This mutant is tentatively designated Wi3.

Gs*-1439: Green striped; EMS induced; located on chromosome 10, 4.2±4.1cM from wx T9-10b breakpoint. Also shows linkage with R, 23±3cM in a coupling backcross. Small green plant with lighter green, longitudinal stripes which wilt and become grayish under stress, like gs1. We are designating this mutant Gs4.

Rs*-1606: Rough sheath; EMS induced; located on chromosome 7, 1±1cM from wx T7-9(4363) breakpoint and 14±4cM from wx T7-9g breakpoint. Leaf sheaths on plants nearing flowering have distinct rough corrugated appearance caused by enlargement of the vascular bundles. Expression excellent in Missouri summer field but very poor in Hawaii winter field. Tentatively designated Rs4.

Rld*-1441 and -1990: Rolled leaf; EMS and NG induced, respectively; not located after extensive T wx tests but double heterozygote crossed on normal produced 1/54 normal plants. The other 53 were mutant, suggesting that the two are not alleles but closely linked, 2±1.3cM. Contamination has not been ruled out.

Nl2: Narrow leaf (was Rgd2, Rgd*-1445); linked to a2 in the order Nl-10-a2-3-bt1. The descriptive symbol and name previously reported were found to be inappropriate. The mutant phenotype is that of irregular development so that leaves, tassel, ear, etc. are imperfectly formed and sometimes irregularly placed. This distortion results in small, less vigorous plants. Some plants do resemble rgd1 but the most common feature is that of narrow leaves, hence the name change to Nl2, narrow leaf.

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