I.  Foreword 1

II. reports from cooperators 2

albany, California

  Amplification of sequences flanking transposable elements by inverse polymerase chain reaction --David J. Earp, Brenda Lowe, Sarah Hake and Barbara Baker 2

Hypermaize : A Hypercard program for recording and analyzing crosses --Brian I. Osborne and Julie L. Mathern 3

Towards transposon tagging of the TMV resistance gene N using Activator in transgenic tobacco --Reinhard Hehl and Barbara Baker 3

Intragenic recombinants of Knotted --Sarah Hake, Bruce Veit and Erik Vollbrecht 3

Ac influences expression of the dominant Ds2 insertion mutation Kn1-2F11 --Erik Vollbrecht and Sarah Hake 4

Albany, California and Columbia, Missouri Transactivation of the anthocyanin pathway structural genes with wild-type and altered C1 proteins --Stephen A. Goff, Michael E. Fromm and Karen C. Cone 6 Albany, California, Columbia, Missouri and Eugene, Oregon Transactivation of anthocyanin structural gene promoters following transfer of the B-Peru or B-I gene into maize tissues --Stephen A. Goff, Michael E. Fromm, Karen C. Cone and Vicki L. Chandler 6 ames, iowa c2-m85-2 gives rise to lethal derivatives --Peter A. Peterson 7

c-m888104 - a mutable allele under 2-element control --Peter A. Peterson 7

a-m877515 - a likely a-rcy allele with a low mutability pattern --Peter A. Peterson 8

En(Active) in inbred 4Co63 --Peter A. Peterson 8

c-836956 - a deficiency that is not male transmitted --Peter A. Peterson 8

c-m897133 --Peter A. Peterson 8

c-m897143 --Peter A. Peterson 8

Unidirectional cross-incompatibility in maize - a new system --Abdul Rashid and Peter A. Peterson 8

ba3 (formerly designated ba*-861059b) - a new barren-stalk locus --Yong-Bao Pan and Peter A. Peterson 8

C2-b857246 and two mutable derivatives: c2-m881058P and c2-m881058Y and control of their variegated phenotypes --Michael G. Muszynski and Peter A. Peterson 9

c2-m884259Y - a mutable allele under two-factor control --Michael G. Muszynski and Peter A. Peterson 9

C-I-b836024 - a chromosomal breaker linked to C-I --Michael G. Muszynski and Peter A. Peterson 9

Promoter activity, ARS function, dnaA binding sites and transposition of the activator (Ac) element --James H. Zhou and Alan G. Atherly 9

Revertants of the putative Mutator-induced dominant amylose-extender allele, Ae-5180 --Philip S. Stinard 10

Putative Mutator-induced etched alleles --Philip S. Stinard 11

Recombinational removal of linked Mutator elements from lines carrying Mutator-induced mutants in preparation for molecular analysis --Philip S. Stinard 11

Three-point linkage data for pr-Dap-v2 and pr-v12-Dap on 5L --Philip S. Stinard and Donald S. Robertson 12

New dull and sugary-2 mutants from Mutator populations --Philip S. Stinard 12

Location of a putative regulator of Mutator-induced mutability of a1 on chromosome 2 --Donald S. Robertson and Philip S. Stinard 13

Additional information on Mutator-induced deletions involving the yg2 locus --Donald S. Robertson and Philip S. Stinard 13

Tests of Mutator-induced events involving the Bf1 locus on the long arm of chromosome 9 --Donald S. Robertson and Philip S. Stinard 14

Some anomalies associated with Mutator-induced events involving the Bf1 locus --Donald S. Robertson and Philip S. Stinard 16

A test to separate housekeeping mutants from those unique to kernel development --Donald S. Robertson and Mike Scanlon 17

Support for a hypothesis to explain the coincident activation of Ac and the origin of a P-RR allele --Patrick S. Schnable 18

Mutator-tagging of developmental and physiological traits --Brad Hedges and Patrick S. Schnable 18

Three new mutable alleles from a Cy-containing population --Patrick S. Schnable 18

Anther production by Cg*-855621y --Patrick S. Schnable 19

Molecular evidence for Mu-element transposition in plants regenerated from an active Mutator callus line --Martha James and Joan Stadler 19

Mu elements as molecular markers for genomic stability in culture --Martha James and Joan Stadler 19

Tissue-specific differences in Mu-element modification and restriction fragment profiles in plants regenerated from Mutator embryogenic callus lines --Martha James and Joan Stadler 19

Effectiveness of two restriction enzymes for detecting RFLPs in the Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic (BSSS) maize population --E.A. Lee, M. Lee, K.R. Lamkey and W.L. Woodman 20

RFLP analysis of isogenic lines B14 and B14A --E.A. Lee, M. Lee, and K.R. Lamkey 20

On the origin of the inbred line B52 --M. Lee, W.A. Russell, A.E. Melchinger, and W.L. Woodman 21

Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. Paul, Minnesota Developmental basis for the origin of polystichy -- Marshall Sundberg and John Doebley 21 Bergamo, italy A potential novel approach for transformation: DUT (dessication-uptake technique). Evidence of transient expression in embryogenic structures and regenerated plants ---E. Lupotto and M. C. Lusardi 22

Tissue culture, characterization and evaluation of in vitro salt tolerance in Arizona 8601 --E. Lupotto, M. C. Lusardi and F. Locatelli 24

Bergamo, italy and cologne, west germany Molecular analysis of the Bg-rbg transposable element system --H. Hartings, N. Lazzaroni, C. Spilmont, L. Asperti, N. Di Fonzo, R. Thompson, F. Salamini, M. Motto 25 bergamo, italy, milan, italy and potenza, italy Analysis of in vivo and in vitro grown endosperms of high and low protein strains --C. Balconi, E. Rizzi, L. Manzocchi, C. Soave and M. Motto 25 berkeley, california Maize meiotic mutants used to study the control of microtubule distribution in higher plants --Chris J. Staiger and W. Zacheus Cande 26 blacksburg, virginia Proteolytic activity in coleoptile extracts causes artifactual ß-glucosidase multiplicity --Asim Esen and Cumhur Cokmus 27

Null alleles at the Glu locus code for ß-glucosidase activity and immunoreactive protein --Asim Esen and Cumhur Cokmus 28

ß-glucosidase zymograms in denaturing (SDS) gels --Asim Esen and Gunay Gungor 29

bloomington, indiana Further studies on preferential segregation --M. M. Rhoades and Ellen Dempsey 30

Evidence for location of Mrh-37962 on chromosome 5 --Ellen Dempsey and M. M. Rhoades 31

BOZEMAN, MONTANA and MADISON, WISCONSIN Genomic diversity detected by transposable element probes is correlated with heterosis --L. E. Talbert, W. F. Tracy and J. Gerdes 32 buffalo, new york and champaign, illinois Confocal light microscopy: A new tool for maize research --P. C. Cheng and D. R. Pareddy 32 buffalo, new york and london, ontario, canada The use of confocal microscopy to study the developmental morphology of shoot apical meristems: a procedure to prepare the specimens --V. R. Bommineni and P. C. Cheng 34 campinas, sao paulo, brazil Allometric genetics: mapping of gametophyte gene Ga10 --Luiz Torres de Miranda and Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda 34

Mapping pairs of complementary or duplicated loci in the same chromosome --Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda, Luiz Torres de Miranda, Omar Villela, Sylmar Denucci and Toshio Igue 35

chestnut hill, massachusetts The effect of high sugar content media on callus proliferation and shoot regeneration ----Y. C. Ting and Stephen Schneider 36

Kernel viability of selfed R0 plants --Y. C. Ting 36

cold Spring harbor, new york Mu1-associated hm1 alleles --Guri Johal and Steven P. Briggs 36

Placement of hm1 on the Pioneer RFLP map --Guri Johal and Steven P. Briggs 37

Isolation of cDNA clones homologous to the P-gene flanking regions --Erich Grotewold and Thomas Peterson 37

Ac transpositions reflected as twin sectors on P-ovov ears --Prasanna Athma and Thomas Peterson 37

Intragenic recombination at A1 --Jennifer Brown and V. Sundaresan 38

Synthesis of cytosine methylated DNAs in vitro --J. Colasanti and V. Sundaresan 38

cold spring harbor, new york and Berkeley, california A new Mu-induced suppressible mutation --J. Colasanti, M. Freeling and V. Sundaresan 39 college station, texas The frequency of Ac transposition from a beta-glucuronidase gene in tobacco varies between individual transformants --Brian H. Taylor, Naoma S. Nelson and Chantel F. Scheuring 39 cologne, west germany A reexamination of Ac transcript quantification --Sylvia Schein, Reinhard Kunze and Peter Starlinger 40

Properties of Ac protein synthesized in E. coli --Siegfried Feldmar, Reinhard Kunze and Peter Starlinger 40

Nuclear factors bind to subterminal sequences of the transposable element Ac --Heinz-Albert Becker, Reinhard Kunze and Peter Starlinger 41

DNA methylation of the Ac in transgenic tobacco plants --Birgit Nelsen-Salz and Hans-Peter Doring 41

Chromosome breakage at the Ds-induced sh-m6233 allele --Christian Korfhage and Hans-Peter Doring 42

columbia, missouri Fluoroindole resistance of orange pericarp --Allen D. Wright 42

Note on EMS pre-meiotic mutagenesis --Allen D. Wright 42

Isolation of nucleic acids from pollen grains --Gurjal Madhavi Reddy and Ed Coe 43

Mechanical separation of aborted and normal pollen grains --Gurjal Madhavi Reddy and Ed Coe 43

The NCS2 mutant mitochondria exert a pleiotropic effect upon chloroplast structure and function --D. Roussell, K. Newton, T. Troyan, G. Bullerjahn, D. Miles, M. Lauer, and S. Pallardy 44

Mutability of ij-ref --Ed Coe and Chang-deok Han 44

Another proposal on the action of the ij gene and its consequences in phenotypic diversity --Chang-deok Han and Edward H. Coe, Jr. 44

Severe reduction of plastid DNA is characteristic of w2 mutant --Chang-deok Han and Edward H. Coe, Jr. 45

Progress on Mu tagging of ij --Chang-deok Han and Edward H. Coe, Jr. 46

Suppressible expression of ij-Mu*1 plants --Chang-deok Han and Edward H. Coe, Jr. 46

"Preferred Set" of RFLP probes --Jack Gardiner, Dave Hoisington, Ed Coe, Shiaoman Chao and Susan Melia-Hancock 47

The Integrated Mapping Project: Interval mapping of visibles with RFLPs --Ed Coe, Dave Hoisington, Shiaoman Chao, Susan Melia-Hancock and Jack Gardiner 47

The Integrated Mapping Project: Physical mapping --Ed Coe, Dave Hoisington, Shiaoman Chao, Jack Beckett, Susan Melia-Hancock, Shirley Kowalewski and Jack Gardiner 47

The hypoploid frequency of progeny from crossing B-A translocations in four inbred backgrounds --M. Katsuta and E.H. Coe 48

The orange pericarp mutant of maize is a tryptophan auxotroph --Allen D. Wright, Karen C. Cone, Cynthia A. Moehlenkamp, and M. G. Neuffer 50

Location and description of dominant dwarf mutants --M. G. Neuffer 51

Location, description and notes on other dominant mutants --M. G. Neuffer 51

Location and designation of recessive mutants --M. G. Neuffer 52

Dominant male sterile --Marc Albertsen and M.G. Neuffer 52

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI and URBANA, ILLINOIS A second mitochondrial cox2 mutation associated with an NCS phenotype --M. Lauer, K. Newton, C. Knudsen, S. Gabay-Laughnan and J. Laughnan 52 Davis, California and Stanford, California Products of Mu insertion and excision at the Bronze1 gene --Anne Bagg Britt and Virginia Walbot 53 defiance, ohio Temperature programming of paramutant R-gene expression --Bernard C. Mikula 55 DEKALB, ILLINOIS Comparison of maize RFLP probes --M. A. Johns, C. A. Hennelly, A. P. Ryan and S. L. Morrow 56

Potential pitfalls in mapping with recombinant-inbreds --M.A. Johns 56

Dekalb, illinois and Ames, Iowa Detection of RFLPs among strains of W22 --E.B. Godshalk and M. Lee 58 eugene, oregon Mutator and Spm elements at the B-Peru locus --Linda J. Harris, Garth I. Patterson, and Vicki L. Chandler 58

Expression of paramutable and paramutagenic alleles of the B locus --Garth I. Patterson and Vicki L. Chandler 59

EUGENE, OREGON and COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Characterization of two Ds mutants of B-Peru -- J. K. Clark, V. L. Chandler, and M. G. Neuffer 59 gainesville, florida Intracellular immunolocalization of Wx protein in endosperm cells --Yen-Ching Chen and Prem S. Chourey 60

Nuclear-mitochondrial interactions affecting transcription of mitochondrial open reading frames --Torbert R. Rocheford and Daryl R. Pring 61

grand forks, north dakota Induction of twin embryos by x-ray treatment of early proembryo stage embryos --William F. Sheridan 62

Sectorial analysis of dek1 mutant expression --William F. Sheridan 63

Embryo developmental profiles of cp*-1379A, dscptd*-1425A, and dek17: three embryo-lethal mutants --Guy E. Farish and William F. Sheridan 63

Listing of reciprocal translocation stocks being maintained by individual cooperators --William F. Sheridan 64

Mapping of dek31 on chromosome arm 4L --William F. Sheridan 64

Houghton, Michigan Codon bias in maize nuclear genes --Wilbur H. Campbell 64

Characteristics of maize leaf cDNA clone Zm7gg --G. Gowri, Björn Ingemarsson and Wilbur H. Campbell 66

hyderabad, india Anthocyanin synthesis during embryogenesis in vitro --P. Suprasanna, K. V. Rao and G. M. Reddy 66 irkutsk, ussr The translocation of bacterial vector plasmids into intact mitochondria of seedlings --Jury M. Konstantinov, Vladimir A. Podsosonny and Galina N. Lucenko 67 irkutsk, ussr and Krasnodar, ussr Possible free radical mechanism of appearance of somaclonal variations in maize and other plant species --Yu. M. Konstantinov and A. S. Mashnenkov 68 jerusalem, israel and rehovot, israel A new 100% earless recessive trait --Daniel Nadel and Barry Nadel 69 Johnston, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota Carbon isotope discrimination among selected Pioneer Hi-Bred and public inbreds and hybrids --Larry L. Tieszen and David Grant 70 llavallol, argentina Distribution of C-banded bivalents in maize --Maria del Carmen Molina, Lidia Poggio and Carlos A. Naranjo 70

DNA content and heterochromatin in the genus Zea --C. Tito, L. Poggio and C. A. Naranjo 71

Meiotic behaviour and total DNA content in a homozygous line of maize with cytoplasm of Z. mays ssp. mexicana --L. Poggio, C. Tito and C. Naranjo 72

llavallol, argentina and buenos aires, argentina Regeneration in callus cultures and cytological analysis of regenerated plants --Dina Garcia, Maria del C. Molina and Osvaldo Caso 72 lomas de zamora, argentina and llavallol, argentina Perennial teosinte introgressed population of maize: relation between protein and yield --J. L. Magoja, I. G. Palacios and R. Burak 73

More about maize introgressed with diploperennial teosinte germplasm --G. Pischedda and J. L. Magoja 74

A possible relation between germinative energy and grain yield --I. G. Palacios and J. L. Magoja 75

Perennial teosinte introgressed population: seed mutants and mutation rates --R. Burak and J. L. Magoja 75

Yield and yield components of full sib and half sib families derived from a perennial teosinte introgressed population --R. Burak and J. L. Magoja 76

Effect of defective kernel mutants on isoenzymatic patterns --I. G. Palacios and J. L. Magoja 76

london, ontario, canada Stamens and lodicules of male sterile-silky (ms-si or si1) tassel spikelets are lemma-like structures --D.W. Dales, R.I. Greyson and D.B. Walden 77

Allometric growth studies indicate an early expression of ms-si (si1) on floral development of tassel spikelets. --D.W. Dales, R.I. Greyson and D.B. Walden 77

Shoot apical meristem culture of maize, wheat, barley and oat --V. R. Bommineni and D. B. Walden 78

Micro-propagation through axillary bud culture: an update with four different genotypes --V. R. Bommineni, E. Banasikowska, and D. B. Walden 79

Characterization of cDNAs encoding two different members of the low molecular weight heat shock protein family --Ing Swie Goping, D. B. Walden and Burr G. Atkinson 79

MADISON, WISCONSIN Genetic analysis of tolerance to low-phosphorus stress using RFLPs --Robert Reiter, James Coors, Michael Sussman and Buck Gabelman 80

Evidence implicating the Spm (I-En) family of transposable elements in the mosaic pericarp (P-mo) allele --Oliver Nelson 81

The fascicled ear (Fas) mutation --Samuel Postlethwait and Oliver Nelson 81

The identification of an intermediate allele of D8 --Oliver Nelson 82

Phosphoglucomutase activity in developing endosperms --David Pan, Lisa Strelow and Oliver Nelson 83

Sequence of two stable bz derivatives from bz-m13 --Ron J. Okagaki, John W. Schiefelbein and Oliver E. Nelson 83

martonvÁsÁr, hungary Combining ability for resistance to stalk rot, ear rot, common smut and head smut diseases --M. Odiemah and I. Kovacs 83 mexico city, mexico and Columbia, Missouri RFLP analysis of S4 lines selected for multiple borer resistance --D. González de León, D. A. Hoisington, D. Jewell , J. Deutsch and J.A. Mihm 84 MILAN, ITALY Embryogenic cultures: release and development in liquid medium of proembryonic structures --L.A. Manzocchi, G. Giovinazzo, S. Castelli 85

Opaque-2 endosperm suspension cultures --L.A. Manzocchi 86

Expression of engineered zein polypeptides in yeast --B. Basso, L. Bernard, P. Ciceri and A. Viotti 86

Identification of new gibberellin sensitive dwarf mutants --G. Todesco, E. Arreghini, D. Ceppi and G. Gavazzi 86

A cDNA clone of the maize a tubulin --M. Mereghetti, G. Consonni and C. Tonelli 87

The genetic basis of Sn instability --G. Gavazzi, M. Mereghetti, G. Consonni and C. Tonelli 88

Thiocarbamate resistance and pollen selection --M.Sari Gorla, E.Ottaviano and M.Villa 89

ß-glu1 null: a tissue specific mutation --Carla Frova 89

ß-glu1 expression during kernel development --Carla Frova 90

Milan, Italy and Pavia, Italy Glyphosate tolerance in cultured cells --Milvia L. Racchi, Roberta Pelanda, G. Forlani, G. Musitelli and E. Nielsen 90 moscow, ussr Isozyme patterns of inbred 346 somaclonal variants --E. E. Khavkin, M. I. Orlova, Z. B. Shamina and V. G. Chernysheva 91 normal, illinois Recovery of B-A translocations from monosomic plants containing one B chromosome --Gwen Shadley and David Weber 92 NORTHFIELD, MINNESOTA Centromeric breakage and the recovery of both telocentric fragments --Katherine L. Rose and Rick W. Staub 94 orsay, france Effect of gelling agent on callus initiation from immature embryos of inbred A188 --V. Tremellat, P. Vain and P. Flament 95 pashcany, mold. s.s.r., USSr The effect of C male sterile cytoplasm on morphological and agronomic traits of corn hybrids --V. E. Miku and E. C. Partas 95 PEORIA, ILLINOIS Identification of two C-zeins ("15" kDa or beta zeins) by RP-HPLC and SDS-PAGE. --C. M. Wilson 96 pusa, india Origin of Rabi (winter) maize in India --V. K. Chaudhary and V. K. Shahi 96 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Probes for the b-32 protein hybridize to loci on 7L and 8L --Hank W. Bass, Paul H. Sisco, David L. Murray, and Rebecca S. Boston 97

Rf4 from A619 maps distal to BNL13.05 on 8-S --Paul H. Sisco 97

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA and NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK Isolation and mapping of a cDNA probe for the b-70 protein --Brian B. Shank, Hank W. Bass, Paul H. Sisco, Eleanora Wurtzel, and Rebecca S. Boston 97 st. paul, minnesota Partial concordance in inbred B37 --D.A. Muenchrath and R.L. Phillips 97

Transient expression of foreign genes in endosperm tissue --Roger E. Mitchell II and Irwin Rubenstein 98

Simplified cloning techniques utilizing kanamycin resistant plasmids --Roger E. Mitchell II, John Hunsperger, and Irwin Rubenstein 99

The structure and expression of a maize ubiquitin fusion gene --Keqin Chen, David A. Somers, and Irwin Rubenstein 99

Cloning of cDNA for dihydrodipicolinate synthase --David A. Frisch, Andrew M. Tommey, Burle G. Gengenbach and David A. Somers 100

Endosperm amyloplast membrane proteins and their antibodies --Jaakko Kangasjarvi, Dennis Mathews and Burle Gengenbach 101

Plastid ORF170 --Jaakko Kangasjarvi, Andrew McCullough and Burle Gengenbach 102

salt lake city, utah Recombination event in cms-T regenerated plants during reversion to fertility --Christiane M.-R. Fauron and Marie Havlik 102 SLATER, IOWA and COLUMBIA, MISSOURI B-A translocations can be used as a tool to study quantitative genetic traits --Ming-Tang Chang, E. H. Coe, Jr. and J. B. Beckett 103 stanford, california Reconstructing a Bz2 allele using PCR --Juli Nash and Virginia Walbot 105

Effect of 5-azacytidine treatment on germination and Mutator transposable element activity --Sally Otto and Virginia Walbot 106

Mutator activity is maintained in exotic and inbred lines --Virginia Walbot 106

Nature of insertion sequences in additional mutable alleles recovered from Mutator backgrounds --Christine Warren, Anne Britt and Virginia Walbot 106

Evidence for somatic sectoring early in aleurone development with the bz1-mu1 allele --Virginia Walbot 107

Mapping of loci affecting Mutator activity --Avraham A. Levy and Virginia Walbot 107

stanton, minnesota Linkage of sugary enhancer (se) to 15.07 on chromosome 4L --Christine Bredenkamp, Diana Beckman, Michael Kiefer, Ann Majerus, Douglas Mead, Hope Sunderland, Carol Wangen and Edward Weck 108

RFLP mapping of chromosome 6S in a backcross 1 population --Douglas Mead, Christine Bredenkamp, Michael Kiefer, Ann Majerus, Hope Sunderland, Carol Wangen, and Edward Weck 109

tochigi, japan Heterofertilization exhibited by using highly haploid inducing line "Stock 6" and supplementary cross --Akio Kato 109 urbana, illinois Shrunken-5 --G. F. Sprague 110

Glossies --G. F. Sprague 110

Non-allelism of two threonine accumulating mutants --David R. Duncan and Jack M. Widholm 110

Characterization of globulin-1 alleles --Faith C. Belanger and Alan L. Kriz 111

Molecular characterization of the Glb2 gene --Nancy H. Wallace and Alan L. Kriz 111

Globulin gene expression in embryos of viviparous mutants --Renato Paiva and Alan L. Kriz 111

Use of A-B translocations to identify chromosomal locations of dominant genes --Earl B. Patterson and John R. Laughnan 112

Correlation of tassel and ear reversion events in cms-S --Susan Gabay-Laughnan and J. R. Laughnan 114

Are Mu-homologous sequences present in mitochondria? --Carol Leja, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and J. R. Laughnan 115

The reappearance of the R repeat --Carol Leja, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and J. R. Laughnan 115

The effect of the nucleus on mitochondrial transcripts --Carol Leja, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and J. R. Laughnan 116

Methylation in maize mitochondrial DNA --Gracia Zabala, Carmen Oliver, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and John R. Laughnan 118

victoria, b.c., canada Malonated flavonoids in maize --O. Ceska and E. D. Styles 119

Modifying the tissue specific expression of some R alleles --E. Derek Styles 120

waltham, massachusetts Anther size vs. glume size, a delicate balance --Walton C. Galinat 120

Increased transmission of full vegetative multiranking through pollen from the central spike of the tassel in

comparison with pollen from the lateral branches --Walton C. Galinat 120

Coroico as a resource for maize improvement --Walton C. Galinat 120

Multi-layered expression of aleurone-specific genes --Walton C. Galinat 121

WEST LAFAYETTE, INDIANA and AMES, IOWA Utility of Tpi3 and Tpi4 variants in quality control of hybrid popcorn seed production --P. K. Bretting and J. F. Wendel 121 wooster, ohio and london, ontario Stage-specific expression of small hsp gene RNA in anthers --R. A. Bouchard and D. B. Walden 122

Preparation of staged anther material for molecular analysis --R. A. Bouchard and D. B. Walden 122

yangzhou, china Character and inheritance of a new Y-type cytoplasmic male-sterile line --Tai-chen Qin and De-xiang Dun 124

Cytoplasmic male-sterility: identification of the number of the restorer genes --Tai-chen Qin, Miang-liang Xu and De-xiang Dun 124

III. zealand 125

IV. maize genetics cooperation stock center 129

V. Gene list and working maps 134

VI. mailing list 166


VIII. symbol index 198

IX. author and name index 203

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