En2 - how much transposase?

--Peter A. Peterson

En2 (wx-m86246x) is a derivative of the original wx-m844 allele. It is described as a large deletion that includes ORF2 and part of ORF1 of the En transposon. In an examination of progeny of the cross a-o Sh2 wx x a-m-1 sh2/a-m(Au)-1a, wx-m86246x/wx the progeny kernels are expected to have very low wx mutability and an occasional aleurone spot. This is what is found except in one kernel there was an early occurring Wx sector. This is not surprising but what was surprising was that within the Wx sector, a A mutability was very high. This sector of high mutability is a rare occurrence. What is striking is that the a to A sectoring overlies the Wx sector. What this implies is that what triggered the early Wx sector retained its activity and thereby acted on the a allele. Whether it was the En2 allele that had this burst of activity or some quiescent En that was activated cannot be determined because the sector was not heritable.

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