c-m897210 - high frequency of pale sectoring

--Peter A. Peterson

The position of an element in a gene should be significant as to the products that are derived following excision events. This has already been determined for the c locus using only a few inserts and determining the phenotypic consequences when related to the putative protein (Franken, Phillip, Köln, unpublished). Such is the case with c-m897210. First, this allele gives rise to a high frequency of colored derivatives (see table). Secondly, many of the sectors are pale. This implies that many of the excision events modify the protein, making it less efficient in its control of the anthocyanin pathway.

c-m/c-s or c-m/c sh wx x c sh wx/c sh wx
  Colored Spotted Colorless Total
c-m/c-s 30 59 82 171
c-m/c sh wx* 17 75 33 125

*sh progeny not presented.

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