a-m(Au)866371 - lacking the S function of En

--Peter A. Peterson

This derivative arose from the a-m(Au) allele (at the A locus with a fully functional and excising En). The progeny of the cross (3aa) of this allele to a-m-15719 was colored (pale) with superimposed very late spotting. A backcross x a-o/a-o confirmed the a-m-15719 allele and the late spotting allele. Further test of this a-m-15719 allele with En confirmed that it was valid in that it was suppressible. The progeny tests of this 3aa spotting indicate that it is autonomously mutable (3aa) at the A locus.

These tests (genetic) indicate that a fully functional En has changed its state to one that is 3aa (mutating) and S in lacking the capacity to suppress the a-m-15719 allele. Thus in this instance, the M function was retained with modification (3aa) but the S function was modified or eliminated (modified for S is not certain since the degree of paleness of a-m-15719 cannot readily be objectively judged).

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