List of probe and restriction enzyme digest combinations of genomic DNA that are useful for "fingerprinting" inbred lines and hybrids

--J. S. C. Smith.

Not all combinations of probes and restriction enzyme digests result in clearly readable and interpretable RFLP banding profiles that show polymorphism. We have surveyed some four hundred DNA clones from the Brookhaven National Laboratory, University of Missouri, and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. libraries against DNAs of 13 inbred lines of maize that were individually digested by BamHI, EcoRI, and HindIII. Probe/enzyme combinations that gave clearly readable polymorphisms against these lines were subsequently used to profile 37 inbred lines of maize. Approximately 100 of these probes were then used to profile 350 inbred lines. This set of 100 probes, using one restriction enzyme digest with each probe, constitutes our set of probes that are routinely used to profile maize. The map locations show that these probes collectively provide a good coverage of the genome. In order to circumvent the need for other organizations and researchers to conduct much of their own screening of probes for utility in RFLP profiling, I will send the list of probes and restriction enzymes to anyone who requests it.

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