A note of clarification concerning P3377 suspension culture

--David R. Duncan and Jack M. Widholm

Many research groups have obtained and are using the non-regenerable P3377 maize suspension culture developed in our lab. After attending several presentations concerning work done with this culture and after talking with the colleagues involved in the work presented, it has become apparent that some people think this culture is from an inbred. In fact, the culture was derived from a collection of embryos from a selfed Pioneer 3377 hybrid plant and thus is F2 material.

In physiological studies where an "average maize response" is desired, this suspension can be ideal. It is conceivably possible, however, that under some experimental circumstances clonal populations may be developed due to mere segregation within the F2 population. Consequently, we suggest that persons using the culture think through what the implications of using hybrid material might be for their research.

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