Positive allele tests among defective kernel mutants

--M. G. James, M. S. Scanlon, P. S. Stinard and D. S. Robertson

Using Robertson's Mutator, a large number of recessive defective-kernel mutants have been produced for the purpose of transposon tagging. As part of their genetic characterization, we have allele-tested many of the mutants with each other and with previously described dek mutants (Neuffer and Sheridan, Genetics 95:929, 1980). Tests were conducted on the basis of similarity of phenotype and/or assignment to chromosome arm. Table 1 shows Mu-induced defective kernel mutants that were found to be allelic to previously described mutants and/or to each other.

Table 1. Allelic defective kernel mutants.
Mutant designation Allelic to: Chromosome arm Kernel phenotype New designation
dek*-2608 dek7 4S shrunken, sugary endosperm dek7-2608
dek*-2410 dek25 4S shrunken endosperm dek25-2410
dek*-1566 dek25 4S shrunken endosperm dek25-1566
dek*-2689 dek31 4L pitted endosperm, germless dek31-2689
dek*-25 dek5 3S shrunken endosperm dek5-25
dek*-33 dek5 3S shrunken endosperm dek5-33
dek*-2221 dek21, w2 10L aleurone mosaic dek21-2221
dek*-NS326 dek*-NS95 7L shrunken endosperm dek*-NS326/95
dek*-2162 et1 3L etched kernel et1-2162
dek*-3328 et1 3L etched kernel et1-3328
dek*-5079 et1 3L etched kernel et1-5079
dek*-24 et1 3L etched kernel et1-24
dek*-27 et1 3L etched kernel et1-27
dek*-34 et1 3L etched kernel et1-34
dek*-2320 et1 3L etched kernel et1-2320
dek*-2424 et1 3L etched kernel et1-2424
dek*-2457 et1 3L etched kernel et1-2457

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