Genetic placement and mapping of Mutator-induced defective kernel mutants

--M. J. Scanlon, M. James, P. S. Stinard and D. S. Robertson

For use in transposon tagging experiments of seed developmental loci we have generated a large number of defective kernel mutants (dek's) of these putative Mu-induced deks. Towards this end we have utilized B-A translocations, the waxy series of reciprocal translocations, linkage analyses and tests of allelism to previously described mutants to map or place a number of these deks. In the accompanying columns are listed those deks which have been placed to chromosome arm. Those deks which have tested positive for allelism to a known endosperm mutant are listed according to our original designations, followed by the name of the previously described mutant in parentheses. More detailed map locations are indicated in the footnotes.
1S 1L 2L 3S
dek*-2115 dek*-6214 dek*-4160 dek*-1364
dek*-2045a dek*-1568b dek*-2444 dek*-1185e
dek*-8319   dek*-1365-6 dek*-33 (dek5)
    dek*-1047c dek*-2525 (dek5)
3L 4S 4L 5L
dek*-5079 (et1) dek*-2058 dek*-2689 (dek31) dek*-2146
dek*-3328 (et1) dek*-2410 (dek25)   dek*-1182
dek*-2424 (et1) dek*-1566 (dek25)   dek*-5133
dek*-24 (et1) dek*-2608 (dek7)   dek*-8186f
dek*-2320 (et1)     Dap1g
dek*-2352 (et1)      
dek*-2457 (et1)      
dek*-2162 (et1)      
dek*-27 (et1)      
dek*-34 (et1)      
6L 7 ctr. 7L 8L
dek*-1104 dek*-2082i dek*-3193 dek*-5132
dek*-1184h   dek*-95k  
10S 10L    
dek*-2424-9 dek*-1339j    
dek*-2181 dek*-8627 (dek21/w2)    

adek* - wx T1-9(8918)=31.57±3.04

bdek*- bz2=10.06±1.77; dek* - Kn=17.05±1.89; dek* - bm2=25.37±2.01

cdek* - wx T2-9d=18.46±1.55

ddek* - wx T2-9d=18.46±1.55

edek* - cl1=29.67±2.78

fdek* - ae=12.50±1.37; dek* - wx T5-9a=20.83±1.37

gdek* - wx T5-9a=3.57±0.27

hdek* is tightly linked to y1

idek* - wx T7-9(4363)=34.72±2.89

jdek* - o7=32.03±3.58; dek* - wx T9-10b=31.37±2.16

kdek*-95 and dek*-326 are allelic and were both kindly provided by Nancy S. Shepherd of E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co.

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