ts8 is allelic to si

--Philip S. Stinard and Donald S. Robertson

In the list of factors dropped from the 1983 linkage map (MNL 58:216), the factor ts8 is listed as lost. We have been using a y1 ts8 stock for some years in chromosome 6 linkage studies. The original source of our stock is unknown, but has been traced back as far as 1959. Because the phenotype of ts8 is identical to that of si, also on chromosome 6 (sterile tassel with a few silk-like appendages, proliferation of silks on the ear), we set up allele tests of these two mutants as follows: a homozygous y1 si stock obtained from the Stock Center was pollinated by a y1 ts8 heterozygote (Y1 Ts8/y1 ts8). In addition, a homozygous y1 ts8 stock was pollinated by a y1 si heterozygote (Y1 Si/y1 si), also obtained from the Stock Center. Ten white kernels from each cross were planted in our 1989-90 winter nursery. With the exception of one fertile plant (a probable crossover event), all progeny had the si phenotype, indicating allelism of ts8 and si.

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