Hsf1-O (Hairy sheath frayed): 5L linkage data

--R. Bertrand-Garcia and M. Freeling

Three point backcross linkage data on a population of 258 individuals gave the following: 24.8% crossing over between pr1 and Hsf1-O and 26.4% crossing over between zb3 and Hsf1-O. The cross over frequency between pr1 and zb3 was 42.6% which closely agrees with the unpublished zb1-pr1 linkage data of M. Demerec. The known linkages between pr1, zb3 and the data generated in this study place the genes in the order: centromere--pr1--Hsf1-O--zb3.

A. + Hsf1 + / pr1 + zb3 x pr1 + zb3
Parental pr--Hsf Hsf--zb Double 
+ Hsf + pr + zb pr Hsf + + + zb pr + + + Hsf zb pr Hsf zb + + +
69 68 27 26 36 21 0 11
53 57 11
%Recombination     24.8     26.4  

Descriptions of the various phenotypes affected by Hsf1 and their dependence on generation time are now in press for early 1991(Amer. J. Bot.). Hsf1 slows the transition of cells from one developmental stage to the next.

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