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Linkages of interest around the latente Michoacán super-gene

--Luiz Torres de Miranda, Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda, Osmar Villela and Sylmar Denucci

In MNL 64 the results were pooled on linkages of interest in mapping the Michoacán 21 latente-1 super-gene. In it ltp (reddish pericarp color on the presence of light after green corn stage) was tentatively mapped at position 20 in chromosome 2. In the present report we present new data in F2 of the cross, IAC Maya B-W Ltp with IAC Maya latente B ltp. In a population of size n=1013 the distribution was 362 B Ltp, 361 B ltp, 242 B-W Ltp, and 48 B-W ltp. By the product method this leads to a value of p between B and ltp of 28.4±1.3. Taking B as reference this puts ltp at position 17 in chromosome 2. For a Mendelian distribution there is an excess in the B ltp class. The “true” value of p must be greater.

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