University of Missouri

Linkage of D9 and Nl2 on chromosome 5

--M. G. Neuffer

The EMS induced dominant mutants Nl2 and D*-2319 have been placed on chromosome 5 by T wx tests. The following information will place D8-2319 in the short arm of chromosome 5 and since there are no known dwarfs in that part of the genome the symbol D9 is proposed. Backcross linkage crosses of the two mutants with the recessive tester a2 bt1 have produced the following values:


Crossing the double heterozygote D9 +/+ Nl2 onto a + + stock produced a map distance of 19cM between them. These results indicate that these mutants are on the short arm of chromosome 5. The order with approximate map distances is D9-19-Nl2-10-a2-5-bt1.

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