The working research information here is shared with the understanding that each item is unpublished and is not to be cited in publications without specific consent of the authors. By sharing our research information here, we contribute to the advancement of biology and to the power of shared technical knowledge.

Information here is in the form of "notes" and is not "published" in the sense of a refereed journal. In event a policy statement should be needed, the following perspectives may ensure against misunderstanding of our Newsletter:

1) In publications, refer to MNL notes in the text, never in the bibliography. Specify "unpublished data", or "personal communication" (i.e., with the colleague's consent). The volume and page numbers might be given, as an aid to the reader.

2) Emphasize, in preparing your MNL notes, brief technical notes, updates, mutants, mapping data, and the like. Avoid presenting comprehensive material and analyses that are better directed to formal publication.

3) Never refer to MNL notes as "published".

4) If challenged, forward these comments as a statement of the purpose, intent, and policy of the cooperators who contribute to this Newsletter.

More and more cooperators supplied notes, tables and figures in electronic form, and this greatly facilitated the editing and compiling.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund for support of the Newsletter total over $68,000. Please see the listing, in the front of this issue, of donors whose generosity has made this total. We are all grateful for the support of our colleagues and of organizations with which we have common interests. Part of our support also comes from the National Science Foundation, from the Integrated Mapping Project.

A warm acknowledgement for advice and ideas is given to my colleagues, Shiaoman Chao, Gerry Neuffer, and Dave Hoisington. Their advice and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Shirley Kowalewski again cajoled the word-processor, edited the copy, and screened the year's literature, and gave special creative advice at critical moments. Mary Ann Steyaert booked addresses and subscriptions through the year, and artfully prepared the mockup. Denis Hancock lashed our computers when needed, aided by programming help of Lloyd McKenzie. At University Printing Services, Yvonne Ball and the printshop staff again efficiently and carefully made sure that the job was done promptly and well.

Included in this issue is a new chloroplast map, once again generously volunteered and provided by Steven Rodermel. This contribution is gratefully acknowledged. The mitochondrial maps in MNL64, according to Christiane Fauron, are reasonably current.

For submission of notes for the next issue (Number 66, 1992), please see details inside the back cover.

If you wish to subscribe to this Newsletter please use the form in the back of this issue. Gifts to the Endowment Fund, toward our goal of $100,000, will be very much appreciated.

Ed Coe

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors

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