This is a summary of selected genetic research information (e.g., new factors; mapping; cloning) reported in recent literature and in this News Letter ("r" refers to numbered references in the Recent Maize Publications section). The Symbol Index refers by number to all current published research involving genetic materials. Comments or suggestions on these research aids would be welcome.

BS = Base Sequence; BSH = Broad Sense Heritability; GCA, SCA = general and specific combining ability; GxE = Genotype x environment interactions; NSH = Narrow Sense Heritability; PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction; QC = Quantitative Character; QTL = Quantitative Trait Loci; RFLP = Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms; RI = Recombinant Inbreds; RM = Restriction Map; unc. = uncovered

* in symbols identifies loci needing allelism tests, documentation, or standardization of the symbol.


Phy1 genomic ("phyA1 gene") RM BS --r121

Adh1: ARF-BS factor binding to region of anaerobic response element --r210

Ht1 near UMC122 --r289

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

Tub1 & Tub*, alpha-tubulin family; Tub alpha1 & 2 in tandem; cDNA & genomic BS RM --r456 r457

bz2 genomic RM BS --r476

P1-vv, P1-ovov RM, Ac inserts --r525

GII-I96 right of TB-1La --r575

NPI238 BS & variants in cultivars --r621

Kn1-O tandem duplication; genomic, BS RM; Mu insertion locations --r704

Adh1 methylation --r714

chromomeres --r753

dek*-2045 -32- T1-9(8918) wx1; , dek*-1568 -10- bz2 - Kn1 - bm2; dek*-2115, dek*-8319, dek*-6214 on 1 --65:11

idd*-2286A allelic to id1 and an1 (of an1-6923) but not to bz2; conclude order id1 - an1 - bz2; UMC83 - id1 - bz2 --65:52

RFLP core markers --65:55

RFLP & protein markers associated with QCs --65:66

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105

id1 -0- BNL17.06 among 24 F2 plants --65:110


B1 genomic, RM --r112

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

Hrg1, hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein cDNA, genomic, BS; UMC145-HRG1 --r408 r654

hcf106, Mu1 modification --r429

B1-Peru and Mu inserts; RM --r515

chromomeres --r753

PIO1012 -9- dek*-1047 -14- UMC131; dek*-1047 -18- T2-9d wx1; dek*-2159 -18- T2-9d wx1; dek*-4160, dek*-2444, dek*-1365-6, dek*-1047 on 2 --65:11

regulator of Mu linked to T2-9d wx1 --65:12

os1, opaque endosperm-small germ, weak but viable plants; unc. by TB-3La-2S(6270) but not by TB-3La, linkage with T2-9b wx1 --65:23

whp1 genomic, cDNA --65:51

RFLP core markers --65:55

MDMV R associated with markers on 2L --65:100

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Sh2 cDNA RM BS; ADPG pyrophosphorylase requires Sh2 and Bt2 subunits --r58 r540

preferential pairing: zygomeres --r183

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

abp1, auxin binding protein (replaces axr1) between BNL6.06 and Pgd2 --r400

GII-A30 right of TB-3La --r575

chromomeres --r753

te1 unc. by TB-3La; allele te1-sn from Mu screening linked with a Mu8 element --65:2

transposed En linkages with A1 --65:10

dek*-1185 -30- cl1; dek*-1364 on 1; dek*-33 & dek*-2525 alleles of dek5; dek*-507 & dek*-3328 & dek*-2424 & dek*-24 & dek*-2320 & dek*-2352 & dek*-2457 & dek*-216 & dek*-27 & dek*-34 alleles of et1 --65:11

RFLP core markers --65:55

MDMV R associated with markers on 3L --65:100

rd3, reduced plant; anthocyanin interaction? One recombination with BNL6.06, vp1, BNL5.37, BNL10.24A, BNL8.01, & BNL5.14 in 10 recessive F2 plants --65:105

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


association of su1 with head smut R --r6

Bt2 cDNA BS; ADPG pyrophosphorylase requires Bt2 and Sh2 subunits --r28 r540

Zpr10/(22) -7±4- Ga1; Zpr10/(22) -22±2- fl2 --r46

centr. - PGE1 -5- C2; PGE1 = a PCR-amplified Spm sequence --r189

CP2*, Central-Plateau, cross-incompatibility; Ga1 - Ts5 -17.9- CP2* -4.2- su1 -r301

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

GII-F5, GII-A95, GII-O40 left of TB-4Sa --r575

NPI451 BS & variants in cultivars --r621

chromomeres --r753

dek*-2058 on 4; dek*-2410 & dek*-1566 alleles of dek25; dek*-2608 allele of dek7; dek*-2689 allele of dek31 --65:11

su1 -10.5- lw4 -10.5- gl4 --65:18

UMC111 morphs in B86 different from morphs in B52 and Oh43 --65:21

o1 -2.6±0.3- Tu1 -8.9±0.5- gl3 --65:37

C2-Idf genomic, cDNA --65:51

RFLP core markers --65:55

TB-4Lh unc. c2, dp1; TB-4L13474 apparently a compound (i.e., TB-6Se-4L003-16) unc. c2, dp1 --65:57

zein protein polymorphisms, ZpL1a, ZpL1b, ZpL1c, ZpL1d, ZpL1e, ZpL1f mapped on 4S, ZpL2a & ZpL3a mapped on 4L with RIs --Wilson, TAG 77:217, 1989; 65:91

transmission ratio distortion (maximum at *) BNL15.45 -11- UMC19 -9- BNL10.05 -3- *UMC15 -3- *Z1C11 -7- *NPI333 -10- BNL15.07 -5- BNL8.23 --65:103

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Phy2 genomic ("phyA2 gene") RM BS --r121

a2 cDNA. genomic BS --r444

Pgm2-null on 5S by RI linkages --r504

GII-A52 right of TB-5La --r575

chromomeres --r753

transposed En 12 cM from A2 --65:3

UMC51 -8- dek*-807 -12- UMC68; dek*-8186 -13- ae1; dek*-8186 -21- T5-9a wx1; Dap1 -4- T5-9a wx1; dek*-2146, dek*-1182, dek*-5133 on 5 --65:11

lw3 unc. by TB-5La --65:18

BNL6.22 morphs in B86 different from morphs in B52 and Oh43 --65:21

pr1 -24.8- Hsf1 -26.4- zb3 --65:30

Nl2 -10- a2 -3- bt1; D9 -32- a2 -5- bt1; D9 (was D*-2319)

RFLP core markers --65:55

TB-5Sc dosage affects QC --65:58

MDMV R associated with markers on 5S --65:100

sh5 -0- BNL6.22 --65:105

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Y1 genomic via Mu3 in y1-mum2053; RM --r91

Pdk1 (or Pdk2) genomic & cDNA RM --r242

Dhn1, dehydrin, dehydration-induced proteins, cDNA maps polymorphisms to 6 --r126

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

rDNA18S, rDNA26S, rDNA5.8S, methylation --r315

Pdk1 linkage to NPI616, NPI252; RM BS --r434

GII-N19 right of TB-6Lc --r575

MDMV R (Rmd1 = Mdm1) - y1 - su2 --r578

rDNA intergenic spacer-length variation --r584

NPI288 BS & variants in cultivars --r621

Rab17 protein, ABA-induced; cDNA & genomic BS --r708 65:109

chromomeres --r753

dek*-1184 close to y1; dek*-1104 on 6 --65:11

mn3 (was de*-1184) not unc. by TB-6Lc or TB-6Sa; mn3 -4.4- w15 -2.5- y1; mn3 -2.1- y1 - 7.7- l15; conclude near Mdm1 --65:16

ts8 (Ames stock) allelic to si1 --65:18

BNL5.47 morphs in B86 different from morphs in B52 and Oh43 --65:21

RFLP core markers --65:55

Mdm1: near NPI7 & UMC85; other regions associated in isogenic lines --65:99

NPI7 -0.5- (UMC85, po1) -2- NOR -1- BNL6.29 -2- BNL7.28 -5.5- Pgd1 --65:102

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Ask1, aspartate kinase, lysine-threonine R (was Ltr*-1, Lt1a, LT19) -10.6±1.3- o2 --r27 r179

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

o2 cDNA BS --r611

chromomeres --r753

dek*-2082 -35- T7-9(4363) wx1; dek*-NS95 & dek*-NS326 allelic & on 5; dek*-3193, dek*-5153 on 7 --65:11

RFLP core markers --65:55

ij1 -4.8- (BNL4.24, BNL13.24, UMC110) -7.4- (NPI435, UMC56) -2.3- NPI283 -4.8- UMC125B --65:56

zein band B9/21 closely linked (in repulsion) to B9/10 and B9/22 --65:91

zein protein polymorphisms, ZpL2b, mapped on 7 --Wilson, TAG 77:217, 1989; 65:91

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Pdk2 (or Pdk1) genomic & cDNA RM --r242

b-32 (pro1) protein family, genomic & cDNA BS --r273 r465

Pdk2 linkage --r434

chromomeres --r753

dek*-5132 on 8 -65:11

Lg4, linked to T8-9d wx1 and T8-9(6673) wx1; UMC120 -22- Lg4 -3.7- UMC89 --65:31

RFLP core markers --65:55

RFLP and protein markers on 8L associated with QC --65:66

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Zps10/(22) -0- Wx1; Zps10/(22) -15±0.04- BNL3.06; Zps10/(22) -3±2- UMC81 --r46

bz1 RM; Ds and Mu1 insertions --r177

bz1-m4D6856 and Bz' revertants: RM --r182

Bz1 dSpm insertions, maps --r341

Sh1 promoter BS --r417

C1-I cDNAs, genomic, RM BS --r517

bz1-m2(Ac), bz1-s:2094(Ac) RM --r555

Sh1 methylation --r649

wx1-B1, wx1-C4, wx1-W23, wx1-B6, wx1-B, bz1-R BS --r728

chromomeres --r753

yg2 -4.3- UMC109 -11.0- NPI203 -21.0- C1 -2.3- UMC113 -3.6- sh1 -36.1- wx1 -3.0- BNL3.06 -6.4- UMC127 -2.2- d3 -4.5- BNL5.10 -2.8- UMC81 -1.8- gl15 -0.9- UMC20 -3.6- UMC114 -5.6- BNL5.04 -12.3- BNL7.13 -11.0- bk2 -1.7- UMC95 -22.9- BNL5.09 -3.5- BNL14.28 -4.5- NPI209 - (NPI97, Wc1, Bf1, bm4) --65:52

RFLP core markers --65:55

v28 unc. by wd1, not allelic to yg2; v28 -20- sh1; v31 (was v*-828, gry-wlv) unc. by wd1, not allelic to yg2; v31 -23- sh1; d*-660B allelic to d3; bz1 -12- Zb8; Cb*-1456 -3- wx1 --65:86

wx1 RM, PCR --65:101

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


Rp1: unequal crossing over; BNL3.04 -3- (Rp1-G - Rp5 - Rp1-F - Rp1-D - Rp1-E - Rp1-B) -0.6- NPI422 -2- NPI285; BNL3.04 -3- (Rp1-G, Rp5 -3- Rp1-F, Rp1-D -0.1- Rp1-E -0.1- Rp1-B) -0.6- NPI285; Rp1-G possibly an allele of Rp5 --r47

Mgs1, male gametophyte specific: pollen-specific cDNA Zmc13, genomic clone Zmg13 RM BS; RFLPs map near Glu1 and stAc --r267

Ac-like sequences in CM37 vs. T232 & CO159 vs. Tx303 --r311

R1 Ds insertions, maps, interlocus recombination --r330

GII-A15 left of TB-10Sc --r575

NPI445 BS & variants in cultivars --r621

chromomeres --r753

dek*-1339 -32- o7; dek*-1339 -31- T9-10b wx1; dek*-2424-9, dek*-2181, dek*-8627 on 10 --65:11

cr4, crinkly-leaf aleurone mosaic (was dap*-6143), unc. by TB-10Sc --65:17

dek21 allelic to w2 --65:19

RFLP core markers --65:55

wx1, intragenic recombination vs. physical distance --65:84

Ufo1 -14- BNL3.04, linked with PIO200626, NPI285, NPI264 --65:105

markers, loci, polymorphisms (RFLPs & others) --65:105


imidazolinone and sulfonylurea R selected in culture (line XA17) semidominant; decreased sensitivity of acetohydroxy acid synthase (AHAS). Line QJ22 R to imidazolinone only, dominant --r14

Mct1, modifier of mitochondrial cox2 transcripts --r128

zein27kD gene: somatic rearrangements --r143

Ask2, aspartate kinase; lysine-threonine R (was LT20) --r163 r179

Atp2: F1-ATPase subunit 2, BS --r191 r747

WF9 vs. M825: mtDNA organization changes --r195

luciferase (LUC), acetolactate synthase (ALS) transformants: inheritance --r221

phosphinothricin acetyltransferase (PAT) transformants: inheritance --r248

primisulfuron sensitivity: recessive; slower metabolizing of herbicide --r272

seed storage susceptibility, recessive; polyamine (spermidine, putrescine) content correlated --r405 r406

pollen-specific cDNA Zmc58, homologous to pectate lyases --r431

Acc1, partially dominant R to cyclohexanedione (sethoxydim) and aryloxyphenoxy propionate (haloxyfop) herbicides selected in tissue cultures (callus S2); altered sensitivity and activity of acetyl-coA carboxylase (EC6.4.1.2) --r509 65:94

zein-2 component Zc1, 16kD, cDNA & genomic, BS; glutelin-2 component Zc2, 28kD, genomic, BS --r570 r571

dek*-1047, dek*-NS807, dek*-NS326 (and its allele dek*-NS95), Mu1-generated; inserts, RM --65:10

Kn2, Rs1, Rs*-1025 closely linked or allelic --65:29



Spm methylation --r33

Ac: excision-specific sequences --r130

Mu1 BS, transcript initiation sites --r151

Ac methylation --r153

double Ds in sh1-m5933, sh1-m6258K, RM --r178

Spm methylation --r203

Ds of wx1-B4, RM BS --r702

Bg BS --65:25

Ac methylation --65:49

Mu9 structure --65:98


zein19kD (pMS1 clone) P1 and P2 promoters, BS --r86 r252 r422

snRNA-U2-27 genomic RM BS --r87

Mu1.4-B37 RM; methylation --r111

histone-3 (H3) family , histone-4 (H4) family: genomic clones H3C2, H3C3, H3C4, H4C7, H4C13, H4C14 --r121

glutamine synthetase (GSase) chloroplastic; cDNA --r214

hypervariable sequences, phage M13-specific --r240

Pdk1, Pdk2 genomic & cDNA RM --r242

b-32 (incl. pro1) protein family, genomic & cDNA BS --r273 r465

PEPcase cDNA from root differs from photosynthetic-PEPcase clone; RM BS --r328

alpha-tubulin family; Tub alpha1 & 2 (Tub1, Tub2) in tandem; Tub alpha3; cDNA & genomic BS RM --r456 r457

HSP26 cDNA BS; chloroplast-imported & processed --r485

oleosin18kD cDNA RM BS --r548

Sod3 cDNA --r608

ocs-element binding protein (OCSBF-1) cDNA, BS --r630

Cin2 BS --r705

U6 sequence, BS --r707

protein kinase (PK-1) cDNA (ZmPK1) BS --r715 r716

PEP carboxylase (PEPcase) C4, genomic BS --r757

Tripsacum-specific repetitive sequences --65:35

chalcone-flavanone isomerase (CHI) cDNA --65:46


rps15, location of two copies; BS --r213

rpoB, rpoC1, rpoC2, rpoA, rps2 RM BS; map --r296 r302 r303

rpl2, tRNAhis BS --r327

ndhH BS, map --r421

rpoC2, rps2, atpI, atpH BS --r650

ORF170 cloned --65:94


cox2 of Zea diploperennis, Z. luxurians, Z. perennis --r128

WF9 vs. M825: mtDNA organization changes --r195

T-urf13, urf25, atp6 RM, map --r200

cms-T revertants: T-urf13 recombinations --r201

NCS5, NCS6: cox2 affected; RM BS --r368 r483

rrn18, rrn5 RM BS --r423

F1-ATPase, cms-T --r466

tRNApro and an incomplete gene, BS --r601

16 tRNA genes (14 anticodons, 13 amino acids) mapped --r602


anther culture response, embryogenesis-productivity, NSH --r2

head smut R, Sphacelotheca reiliana (Kuhn) Clinton --r6

cold tolerance BSH NSH --r21

salt tolerance NSH --r23

prolific baby corn --r35

anther culture, androgenesis, doubled haploids --r37

European corn borer (ECB) R, Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner, GCA SCA --r39 r749

heterosis, GCA SCA in tropicals --r41 r138

thrip R, Anaphothrips obscurus Mueller, Frankliniella fusca Hinds, F. tenuicornis Uzel, GCA SCA --r64

corn leaf aphid R, Rhopalosiphum maydis Fitch, vs. DIMBOA --r65

low temperature emergence & germination --r70

Stewart's wilt R, Erwinia stewartii (E. F. Smith) Dye --r83

methylation, tissue culture --r88

ECB R vs. cell wall composition --r93

ECB R vs. whorl leaf pH --r97

anthracnose stalk rot R, Colletotrichum graminicola (Ces.) Wils., GCA SCA --r99

prolificacy, silk synchrony --r102

leaf spot R, Helminthosporium carbonum Ullstrup (syn. Bipolaris zeicola (G. L. Stout) Shoemaker) --r103 r104

earliness GCA SCA --r106

southern corn leaf blight R, Bipolaris maydis, nuclear and cytoplasmic --r109

predicting hybrid performance --r115

maize weevil R, Sitophilus zeamais Motsch., vs. ferulic acid in grain --r125

tissue culture regenerations, 22 traits, QTLs --r133

leaf expansion rate --r135

leaf rust R, Puccinia sorghi Schwein. --r144

grain and silage GCA SCA --r158

stover digestibility GCA SCA --r159

popping method vs. genotype --r173

prolificacy from Zea diploperennis vs. heat susceptibility, lodging, other QC --r186

tolerance to DPX-M6316 --r190

gray leaf spot R, Cercospora zeae-maydis Tehon & Daniels, GCA SCA --r194 r693

N utilization vs. input, root traits --r206

drought stress --r218

leaf area index & duration; ear & kernel growth rates; kernel number & size; photosynthate redistribution & sink capacity; grain-filling period in ancient races vs. modern hybrid --r230

tetraploidy & QC --r234

heterotic groups and QTLs (yield, percent moisture, ear height, root lodging) vs. RFLP markers --r243

forage & QC --r250

yield, moisture, staygreen, degree units, ear height, plant height, ECB R, root lodging, stalk lodging vs. RFLP markers on 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 --r251

stalk quality, ECB R vs. QC --r253

haploid cultures: doubling, aneuploidy --r255

ecological gradients, selection, SCA GCA --r256

population stress --r258

ECB 1st & 2d generation R --r260 r261

frost tolerance --r270

kernel infection, Fusarium moniliforme --r278

early leaf vigor, SCA GCA --r279

fall armyworm R, Spodoptera frugiperda J. E. Smith --r280 r484 r745 r749

R1-nj kernel expression vs. QC --r285

maize streak virus, T-DNA gene transfer --r288

tissue culture, embryogenesis --r291

haploid production in wheat --r304

Stewart's wilt R, 15:1 ratio --r320

dry-down --r321

filling period, kernel QCs --r322

y1 dosage and QC --r323

haploidy and QC --r324

biomass accumulation & nicotinamide coenzymes --r335

mutagenicity: SCA GCA --r338

Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus (MDMV) R --r355 r512 r586

acetochlor R --r365

chlorsulfuron R --r366

lignification vs. other QCs, selection --r367

wheat, barley, rye, oat hybrids --r372

anaerobic tolerance --r385

shoot biomass GCA SCA --r386

MDMV R; Maize Chlorotic Dwarf Virus (MCDV) R --r403

seed storage susceptibility, recessive; polyamine content (spermidine, putrescine) correlated --r405 r406

salt tolerance selection in tissue culture --r413

anthracnose R vs. DIMBOA --r414

southwestern corn borer (SWCB) R, Diatraea grandiosella Dyar --r426 r484 r746 r749

aluminum R --r428

heterosis, genetic distance; RFLPs --r442

heterotic pattern SCA GCA --r 446 r448

favorable alleles --r447

yield, isozyme markers --r449

Gibberella stalk rot R --r463

source/sink, grain filling, R1-nj expression --r464

leaf growth rate --r482

seed quality --r487

tissue culture selection for sethyoxydim tolerance: increased acetyl-coA carboxylase (EC6.4.1.2) --r510

spotted stem borer R, Chilo partellus Swinhoe, dominant --r514

heat-stress tolerance via gamete selection --r526

phytic acid content --r551 r552

genome size vs. altitude --r561 r562 r563 r564

selection, yield, ears per plant vs. maturity and height --r565

ECB R, altitudes of origin, DIMBOA; stalk rot R, Gibberella zeae; smut R, Ustilago maydis --r568 r569

stalk rot R; ECB R; rust R, P. sorghi; smut R, Ustilago zeae; firing; leaf blight R, Helminthosporium turcicum; ear worm R, H. zea --r582

gibberellin response vs. heterosis --r587

adaptation & QC in temperate x tropical sweet --r590

inhibition of Agrobacterium tumefaciens by DIMBOA --r598

kernel infection & aflatoxin R, Aspergillus flavus --r614

leaf blight R, H. turcicum --r618

leaf blights, durable R, Drechslera maydis Nishikado, Exserohilum turcicum (Pass.) Leon. and Suggs --r620

ear leaf size --r626

heterotic pattern, N efficiency --r636

dwarfing --r641

partial restorers of cms-C --r643

chilling sensitivity --r645

yield vs. RFLP markers on 1L, 2S, 3L, 4L 5S, 5L --r656

fungal pathogen R vs. mycorrhizal colonization --r676

table quality & other QC in sweet improvement --r679

heterotic groups, GCA SCA in sweet --r680

Goss' wilt R, Corynebacterium michiganense ssp. nebraskense Schuster &, GCA SCA --r682 r683

early flowering selection --r686

C/N ratio, zein concentration --r688

stability, GxE --r696

stalk borer R, Busseola fusca vs. DIMBOA --r700

corn earworm R, Heliothis zea Boddie --r749 r750

stover digestibility, NIR analysis --r775

RFLP morphs from B52 vs. Oh43 in B86; relationship to ECB R --65:20, 21

weevil R and low aflatoxin in PI91414 --65:22

RFLP morphs in 41 inbreds --65:27

TB-5Sc dosage affects pollen-silk interval, rind puncture resistance, leaf length & width, plant & ear height, tassel branch number, leaf number above ear --65:58

QCs for heat units, pollen-silk interval, percent moisture, staygreen, ear height, plant height, test weight, cob diameter, ear diameter, row length, row number, kernels per row, yield, 100 kernel weight associated with protein and RFLP markers --65:66

high frequency of Type II callus (friable, embryogenic) selected --65:92

MDMV R associated with markers on 2L, 3L, 5S, 6S --65:100

culturability & regenerability vs. yield --65:115

--Assembled unrestricted by Prof. Ligate

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