Two-point linkage data for a2 and Ae-5180

--Philip S. Stinard

We report the results of a two-point linkage test between a2 and the dominant mutant amylose-extender allele, Ae-5180, on chromosome 5. The testcrosses were made as indicated in Table 1.

Table 1. Two-point linkage data for a2 and Ae-5180. Testcross: (a2 Ae-5180/A2 Ae) X a2 a2 Ae Ae.
Reg. Phenotype No. Totals
0 + + 1068  
  a2 ae 1095 2163
1 + ae 262  
  a2 + 254 516
% recombination a2--Ae-5180=19.3±0.8

The following linkage relationship was established: a2-19.3-Ae-5180. This result is consistent with the a2-ae distance of 22cM reported on the 1991 maize linkage map, but shows a greater distance between a2 and Ae-5180 than does our previously reported data (13.1cM; MNL 62:11-13). This discrepancy may be due to differences in genetic background, or environmental influences, and demonstrates how linkage data can vary from replication to replication.

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