shrunken-6 (sh6), a new shrunken endosperm/virescent seedling mutant located on 7S

--Philip S. Stinard

A new recessive shrunken kernel mutant was found segregating on the selfed ear of a plant (86-87-8601-3) derived from a y1-Mu stock. The mutant kernels are nearly identical to sh1 kernels in appearance. When planted in a sandbench, mutant kernels give rise to pale green seedlings that green slowly. One mutant plant was grown in the field to maturity, producing a tassel that shed poorly, as well as a small ear. Mutant seedlings from the original isolate were mutable, with small longitudinal revertant sectors typical of mutable seedling mutants derived from Mutator lines. Stable lines have since been isolated.

Plants heterozygous for this mutant, originally designated su-sh*-8601, were crossed by a series of B-A translocations involving 19 of the 20 maize chromosome arms. Positive tests were obtained for crosses involving TB-7Sc. The mutant su-sh*-8601 was tested for allelism with cp2 (collapsed endosperm/pale green sectored seedling), also located on 7S, and was found not to be allelic. Since su-sh*-8601 appears to be unique, we have given it the designation shrunken-6 (sh6). Crosses to further map sh6 with respect to 7S markers are being planned.

[ed. note: Compare note from Columbia by M. G. Neuffer; presumed allelism to be tested next season.]

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