Opaque-10 maps near bronze-2 on chromosome 1L

--Paul H. Sisco

Opaque-10, an EMS-induced mutant generated by M.G. Neuffer, MG, was mapped by him to the long arm of chromosome 1. To more precisely define the map position, we crossed o10 to a zb7 bm2 stock and selfed. Data from 176 F2 progeny were analyzed using Mapmaker for MacIntosh v. 1.0b (L. Proctor, L et al., E.I. duPont, 1990). The most likely map generated was o10 - 34cM - zb7 - 42 cM - bm2. This would place o10 close to bz2. We are now crossing o10 to v22, ad1, and other markers near bz2, because bz2 itself could mask the opaque phenotype.

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