Purdue University

Placement of teosinte branched on the linkage map

--Patricia S. Springer and Jeffrey L. Bennetzen

We have undertaken a mapping project using RFLP markers on chromosome 1L in order to more accurately place teosinte branched on the map. In an experiment to identify plants that had undergone recombination events between tb and Adh1, progeny of the cross Tb Adh1-S/tb Adh1-F X tb Adh1-F/tb Adh1-F were analyzed. Recombinant plants were teosinte branched and Adh1-S/Adh1-F or normal and Adh1-F/Adh1-F. In an analysis of 222 progeny, 10 recombinants (3 teosinte branched, Adh1-F/Adh1-S and 7 normal, Adh1-F/Adh1-F) were identified. This is an approximate distance of 4.5cM. The parents differed at linked RFLP markers BNL8.10, Phy1, and Kn1. This analysis allowed us to determine that Tb is proximal to Adh1, and that the gene order is BNL8.10 - Tb - Phy1 - Kn1 - Adh1 - BNL7.25. We are in the process of analyzing more RFLP probes in order to obtain a more detailed fine structure map of this region. The purpose of these experiments is to facilitate chromosome walking around Adh1.

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