Transposon tagging the su1 locus

--M. J. Scanlon, M. G. James, P. S. Stinard, D. S. Robertson and A. M. Myers

We are interested in transposon tagging and cloning genes involved in endosperm development. Included among the kernel mutants grown in our 1991 nursery were plants from seven putative Mutator-tagged su1 allelic families identified by D. S. Robertson, DS. The laboratory designations of this allelic series are given below:

su1-Mu*2412    su1-Mu*7110
su1-Mu*8064    su1-Mu*5167
su1-Mu*3217    su1-Mu*4582
Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA derived from su1-Mu*2412 seedlings has revealed a Mu1-tagged 2.2Kb HindIII fragment that cosegregates with the su1 phenotype. This family also cosegregates a 4.0Kb Mu1 homologous EcoRI fragment. The 2.2Kb HindIII genomic fragment has recently been cloned into phage lambda NM1149 and purified. Efforts are now underway to isolate genomic DNA flanking the Mu1 insertion of this clone. Flanking DNA will then be used as a molecular probe in Northern analyses of Su1 transcript, cloning of the wildtype cDNA, and RFLP mapping of putative QTL's for kernel size.

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