Seven novel defective kernel mutants from Robertson's Mutator stocks

--M. J. Scanlon, M. G. James, P. S. Stinard and D. S. Robertson

We announce the naming of seven previously undescribed putative Mu-induced defective kernel mutants. Each mutant was placed to chromosome arm via the use of the appropriate B-A translocation. Additional map location data has been generated for five of these mutants using either the waxy-9 series of translocations, linkage to chromosome marker genes and/or RFLP linkage data as indicated in Table 1. Each mutant has tested negative for allelism to all previously described defective kernel mutants located on its respective chromosome arm. The seven mutants are given the names ptd1, ptd2, emp1, emp2, dsc1, ren1 and ren2.

Table 1. Seven Mu-induced dek mutants.
Name Former designation Phenotype Map information Lab of Origin
ptd1 dek-Mu*1568 pitted endosperm, lethal 1L; (a) Robertson
ptd2 dek-Mu*3193 pitted endosperm, lethal 7L; (b) Robertson
emp1 dek-Mu*2045 empty pericarp, germless 1S; (c) Robertson
emp2 dek-Mu*1047 empty pericarp, germless 2L; (d) Robertson
dsc1 dek-Mu*2058 discolored endosperm, germless 4S; (e) Robertson
ren1 dek-Mu*807 reduced endosperm, opaque, lethal 5L; (f) Shepherd (Du Pont)
ren2 dek-Mu*326 reduced endosperm, lethal 7L; (g) Shepherd (Du Pont)

(a) linkage to Kn1, bm2 and bz2 in MNL 65:11.

(b) MNL 65:11.

(c) linkage to wx1 T1-9(8918) in MNL 65:11.

(d) linkage to wx1 T2-9d and linkage to w3 in mapping note by James, MG et al., this issue. RFLP linkage in Lee, M et al., MNL 65:10.

(e) MNL 65:11.

(f) RFLP linkage in Lee et al., MNL 65:10.

(g) RFLP linkage in mapping note by James et al., this issue.

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